Ac charging pile instruction manual

● PEVC2201 is a dual-gun AC charging pile product, which has the advantages of high integration, small footprint, simple and generous. The shell of the product is made of glass panel and injection molding process shell; RFID card reader, 4.3 inch LCD screen, Ethernet/WiFi/4G communication module, 1.0 level metering module /1.0 level electricity meter are designed in modular design, convenient for users to flexibly select; Built-in A type leakage protection circuit breaker, which can protect AC leakage and pulsating DC leakage reliably; Built-in PE grounding detection power, real-time detection of the reliability of PE wiring, to protect the safety of equipment electricity; Built-in temperature detection sensor, the controller can reduce the current or disconnect the charge, to ensure the charging process due to overtemperature caused by spontaneous combustion and other accidents. The shell is made of ABS+PC mixed material injection molding with good weather resistance and excellent flame retardant performance, which fully reflects the minimalist design idea and makes full use of organic curved surface elements. The front center of the shell is inset with smart breathing indicator light, which gives a strong sense of the whole, safety and reliability, and reflects a strong sense of science and technology.

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Product Characteristics

The control system is designed with 32-bit high performance industrial processor platform. Measurement accuracy level 1.0;

Non-contact card reader supports M1 card and CPU card; Scanning code charging, remote real-time monitoring of charging status and booking charging;

Perfect background system for consumer behavior analysis and product fault location; The product has Ethernet, WIFI, 4G and other communication methods with the background system real-time communication;

With self-check function, fault information is displayed on the interface in the form of fault code and uploaded to the background system.

Product Composition

Miniature leakage protection circuit breaker

Multifunctional meter or class 1.0 onboard metering module

Emergency stop button


Industrial main control board card

RFID card reader

4.3 inch LCD screen

Meet GB/T 20234.2-2015 charging port

Parameter Description Of Charging Pile
Base details
Input voltage 220VAC±20%(50Hz±5Hz)
Output power 7kW×2(选配3.5kW×2)
Output voltage 220VAC±20%(50Hz±5Hz)
Output current 32A×2(选配16A×2)
Measurement accuracy 1.0级
Protection function Over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overload protection, emergency stop protection, over temperature protection, leakage protection
Human- computer interaction 4.3 inch LCD screen, swipe card, mobile phone scan code
Communication mode WiFi/4G 
Pile size 300mm × 153.8mm×420mm(W×D×H)
Environmental parameter
Operating temperature -30℃~+60℃
Altitude ≤2000m
Relative humidity ≤95%,Condensation free
Protection class IP55
Reference standard GB/T 20234、GB/T 18487.1、NB/T 33002、NB/T 33008.2

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